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The environment industry market expanded further by 2017

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Update time : 2019-07-01 10:43:56
On June 27, the Ministry of environment announced the 2017 annual report on the environment industry, which estimates the market size, employment scale, exports and exports, value added, and economic ripples. The market size and employment scale of the environment industry were the largest in 2017.

About 0.9% compared with the previous year

The market size of the environment industry was 105.4 trillion yen in 2017, and it was 0.9% increase compared with the previous year, and about 1.8 times in 2000 (58.3 trillion yen). In particular, the field of global warming countermeasures is increasing. The market size of the environment industry in all industries rose from 6.1% in 2000 to 10.3% in 2017, and the impact of the environment industry on Japan has increased.

The employment size of the environment industry is about 278 million in 2017 and the largest. It was about 1.5 times in comparison with 2000. In terms of "environmental pollution prevention", "global warming prevention", "waste disposal and resource effective use", and "natural environment conservation", the global warming countermeasure area is based on the expansion of the market scale in the "clean energy utilization" field since 2013, and the employment scale is about 10 years from 2014 to Million people increased. The "environmental pollution prevention" field has been decreasing since 2011. Environmental management support is generally increasing.

Exports to the environment industry were about 14.7 trillion yen in 2017 and most of the global warming measures were occupied. Among them, the ratio of "low fuel consumption and low emission accredited car" and "hybrid automobile" increased. Imports fell in 2009 due to a slowdown in the economy, but after that, it was almost flat from the increase, and it became about 3.9 trillion yen in total in 2017. Most of the "global warming countermeasures" area occupied, and especially, the ratio of "renewable energy generation system", "energy saving electric appliances", and "eco car" increased.

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