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Saudi red sea new town energy storage project

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Update time : 2021-10-18 18:10:05
 On October 16, 2021 Global Digital Energy Summit was held in Dubai. At the meeting, Chinese enterprises successfully signed the energy storage project of Saudi red sea new town. The two sides will work together to help Saudi Arabia build a global clean energy and green economy center.

 The energy storage scale of the project is 1300mwh. It is the largest energy storage project in the world and the largest off grid energy storage project in the world. It has strategic significance and benchmarking demonstration effect on the development of global energy storage industry.
 Honghai new town energy storage project is a key project listed in Saudi Arabia's "vision 2030" plan, and the developer is ACWA power. Red sea new town, located on the Red Sea coast, is also known as the "new generation city". In the future, the power of the whole city will come entirely from new energy. Red sea new town will lead a new way of life and seek to achieve a new economic growth point under the situation of increasing depletion of oil and other resources.
 SWT-POWER has more than 10 years of experience in photovoltaic system R & D, design and application. Our company is committed to the mutual integration of green photovoltaic and energy storage technology, and creates "more efficient, more stable and more secure" based on the design concept of serialization, intelligence and modularization The intelligent series energy storage system helps photovoltaic become the main energy and build a green and bright future. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about photovoltaic. We will provide you with the best scheme.

Family off grid system:

Split Phase of 3KW household off grid energy storage 120/240VDC
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