DC Solar Lighting System

Item No.: PS1000 Series
DC Solar Lighting System

※ Power 3W/5W/6W/10W/20W/30W/50W
※ Integrated Chassis:5V/12V output
※ Solar independent power supply
※ Optional Mp3 player, radio function
※ High photoelectric conversion efficiency
※ Good compatibility, stability performance
※ Installation is simple, easy to use
※ Beautiful and practical, can be customized
※ Built-in maintenance-free battery, safe and reliable
Solar household power supply system is integrated machine designed for independent solar power supply, this section has a battery and the charging and discharging controller, inverters, Mp3 player and radio functions, output interface design as one chassis. Compatibility is good, stable performance, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, safety and reliability, easy installation, beautiful appearance, no longer worry about wiring difficulty as well as installation complexity, is a high-quality solar independent power supply product.
Function: Household lighting power supply, outdoor emergency power, MP3 player, radio, mobile phones and other DC powered equipment.
Chassis Material: plastic. Appearance of a variety of colors, can also be customized upon request.