On Grid Solar Inverter 3KW-7.5KW

Item No.: On Grid Solar Inverter 3KW-7.5KW
On Grid Solar Inverter 3KW-7.5KW

On Grid Solar Inverter 3KW-7.5KW

  • Max 97.8% efficiency

  • Real time precise MPPT algorithm for max harvest

  • Wide input voltage operation range 

  • Independent dual MPPT tracking,better to adapt to the various roof power plant designs

Low maintenance cost

  • Small size,light weight

  • Detachable cover for easy installation

  • Rust-free Aluminum covers

  • Flexible monitoring solution

All in one. Flexible and economical system solution

  • Real-time monitoring using mobile phone APP

  • Easy installation and maintenance due to “Plug & Play” connection

  • RS485 and External WIFI/GPRS(optional)

  • Built-in sound and light alarm function

  • Free site selection due to IP65

Intelligent grid management

  • Reactive power capability

  • Self power reducer when over frequency

  • Remote active/reactive power limit control